Geneva Council Reports on Alleged Assault on Iranian Journalist and Suspected Involvement of Eastern European Mercenaries


Mr. Zeraati was subjected to a violent attack by three assailants in Wimbledon on March 29, resulting in injuries to his leg. Sources suggest that these perpetrators may have been Eastern European mercenaries, although investigations are ongoing to confirm their identities and motives.

Initial reports indicate that the assailants were allegedly paid and transported to the United Kingdom from Eastern Europe. This concerning development has prompted speculation among authorities regarding potential state-sponsored involvement in utilizing organized crime networks to target dissenters.

Assistant Commissioner Matt Jukes, head of counter-terrorism in Britain, previously highlighted the concerning trend of collaboration between hostile state actors and criminal entities. He emphasized the utilization of criminal proxies by these regimes to carry out acts of violence while maintaining distance and deniability.

Following the assault, the assailants fled the scene in a blue Mazda, abandoning the vehicle in New Malden. Subsequent investigations suggest that they departed from Heathrow Airport on separate commercial flights to undisclosed destinations.

Geneva Council acknowledges its role in reporting on these developments as they unfold and remains committed to providing accurate and timely updates to the public.

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