Geneva Council Stands in Solidarity with Yemenis Supporting Palestinians in Gaza


The Geneva Council applauds the millions of Yemenis who have once again demonstrated their unwavering support for Palestinians in Gaza amidst ongoing conflict.

Today, across various provinces in Yemen, millions of individuals gathered to express their solidarity with the people of Gaza, who continue to endure the devastating effects of the conflict with Israel. Reports from Yemen’s al-Masirah television network highlight the widespread participation in these rallies, emphasizing the resolute determination of the Yemeni people to stand with their Palestinian brothers and sisters.

Since October 7, 2023, Yemenis have been uniting every Friday to voice their support for the Palestinian cause, following the escalation of conflict triggered by Operation Al-Aqsa Storm. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza, exacerbated by an imposed siege restricting access to vital resources, has drawn increasing attention and concern from the international community.

Tragically, the toll of this conflict continues to mount, with over 29,514 lives lost, predominantly those of innocent women and children, and tens of thousands more injured. The Geneva Council echoes the calls for an end to this senseless violence and urges all parties involved to prioritize the protection of civilian lives.

In solidarity with the Yemeni demonstrators, the Geneva Council condemns the ongoing atrocities perpetrated against Palestinians in Gaza and calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities. Furthermore, the Council denounces the international community’s silence and urges concerted action to address the root causes of the conflict and alleviate the suffering of those affected.

The Geneva Council commends the resilience and bravery of the Yemeni people in their efforts to support the Palestinian cause. We stand in solidarity with them and reaffirm our commitment to amplifying their voices on the global stage.

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