Geneva Council Supports UN Experts’ Call for Probe into Alleged Killing and Rape of Palestinian Women by Israeli Forces


Geneva Council stands in solidarity with United Nations experts in their call for an impartial investigation into the reported killing, rape, and abuse of Palestinian women and girls by Israeli forces.

In a recent statement issued by a panel of UN experts, grave concerns were expressed regarding credible allegations of egregious human rights violations against Palestinian women and girls since the Hamas attack in October last year. These allegations include arbitrary executions, sexual assault, denial of essential needs, and other forms of physical and psychological abuse.

The Geneva Council fully supports the UN experts’ demand for accountability and justice for the victims of these heinous acts. We join them in urging for a thorough and urgent investigation into these reports, ensuring that those responsible for the violations are held accountable under international law.

The reported acts, if proven true, constitute grave violations of human rights and may amount to serious crimes under international humanitarian law. It is imperative that all parties involved cooperate fully with the investigation to ensure transparency and accountability.

Geneva Council condemns any form of violence and discrimination against women and girls, regardless of the context. We call upon the international community to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian women and girls who have been subjected to such atrocities and to support efforts aimed at ending impunity for perpetrators of gender-based violence.

As an independent news organization dedicated to promoting human rights and justice, Geneva Council remains committed to amplifying the voices of the oppressed and marginalized. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide updates on developments regarding this urgent matter.

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