Geneva Council Condemns Israel for Blocking Gaza Civilians from Internet Access


The Geneva Council strongly condemns Israel for its systematic targeting of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, particularly for obstructing their access to essential communication and internet services.

Recent reports from various sources have uncovered alarming incidents where the Israeli military deliberately targeted Palestinian civilians, including journalists, as they sought to access communication and internet services vital for maintaining connections with their families and workplaces. These reprehensible acts, carried out through sniper fire and drone strikes, have resulted in numerous civilian casualties and injuries across various areas of the Gaza Strip.

In one such incident, at least seven civilians were tragically killed in the North Gaza Governorate within a week, as they attempted to access internet services in the Al-Bashir area of Tal Al-Zaatar in Jabalia Camp. These civilians were simply trying to stay connected with their loved ones amid the dire circumstances imposed by the Israeli blockade.

The Geneva Council underscores that the deliberate targeting of civilians who are merely attempting to access essential communication services constitutes a grave violation of international humanitarian law. Such actions not only exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza but also impede the fundamental right to freedom of expression and access to information.

Moreover, Israel’s targeting of journalists and media personnel as they perform their vital role in documenting human rights abuses further undermines press freedom and accountability in the region. The Council emphasizes the importance of ensuring the safety and protection of journalists, who play a crucial role in upholding transparency and accountability.

The Geneva Council calls upon the international community to unequivocally condemn Israel’s actions and to exert pressure on Israeli authorities to cease all attacks on Palestinian civilians and respect their basic human rights, including their right to access communication and internet services. Additionally, the Council urges for independent investigations into these incidents to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

As an independent news organization committed to promoting human rights and justice, the Geneva Council remains steadfast in its dedication to shedding light on human rights abuses and advocating for the protection of civilians in conflict-affected regions worldwide.

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