In a historic move, the European Parliament has taken a decisive stance on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, advocating for a permanent ceasefire. Geneva Council, expresses its support for this significant development and calls attention to the conditions set forth for lasting peace.

The resolution adopted by the European Parliament, though non-binding and symbolic, marks the first explicit call for a permanent ceasefire in this protracted conflict. Geneva Council recognizes the importance of this resolution in fostering diplomatic efforts for a sustained cessation of hostilities in the region.

Highlighting the need for a permanent ceasefire, the resolution underwent amendments introduced by conservative lawmakers. These amendments emphasize the dismantling of Hamas and the immediate, unconditional release of all hostages held by the group as prerequisites for the ceasefire to take effect. Geneva Council acknowledges the complexities of the issue and commends the European Parliament for addressing these critical conditions as part of the peace process.

The resolution, supported by 312 votes in favor, 131 against, and 72 abstentions, reflects the divisive nature of the conflict within the European Union. Geneva Council recognizes the importance of acknowledging the differing perspectives within the EU and encourages ongoing dialogue to achieve a comprehensive and sustainable peace agreement.

The European Parliament’s resolution condemns both Hamas’ “despicable terrorist attacks” against Israel and Israel’s “disproportionate” military response, emphasizing the need to distinguish between combatants and civilians. Geneva Council underscores the importance of accountability for acts of terrorism and violations of international law, supporting the European Parliament’s call for such accountability through the International Criminal Court and International Court of Justice.

Addressing broader diplomatic implications, the resolution calls for a European initiative to reinstate the two-state solution and supports efforts for peace in the Middle East. Geneva Council echoes the endorsement of the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002, urging the full normalization of relations between Israel and Arab states in exchange for Israel’s withdrawal from occupied territories since 1967.

As an independent news organization, Geneva Council pledges to continue providing impartial coverage of developments in the Israel-Hamas conflict and related diplomatic initiatives. We remain committed to fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding this issue and supporting efforts that contribute to a just and lasting peace in the region.

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