Geneva Council Condemns US Senate’s Rejection of Bernie Sanders’ Resolution on Israel’s War


Geneva Council strongly condemns the recent decision by the U.S. Senate to reject Senator Bernie Sanders’ resolution. This resolution aimed to compel the U.S. State Department to produce a report within 30 days on potential human rights violations and violations of international agreements by Israel in the midst of the ongoing conflict.

In a groundbreaking move, Sanders sought to leverage a decades-old law, signaling a shift in the traditional support extended to Israel. The resolution, a first of its kind, underscored the depth of unease among U.S. lawmakers over Israel’s conduct in its war against Hamas.

Despite 11 senators, primarily Democrats from diverse party factions, supporting the resolution in a procedural vote, the majority rejected the effort. The resolution, drawing from the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, aimed to invoke an untested mechanism that would require the State Department to assess potential human rights violations during Israel’s campaign against Gaza.

Senator Sanders, a key proponent of the resolution, emphasized Israel’s right to self-defense but criticized the use of U.S. military assistance in what he perceived as a disproportionate response affecting the entire Palestinian population.

The Geneva Council expresses deep concern over the rejection of this resolution, as it signifies a missed opportunity for the U.S. Senate to address human rights concerns and international law violations amid the ongoing conflict. This decision raises questions about the extent of oversight and accountability in the provision of military assistance abroad.

The White House dismissed Sanders’ approach as “unworkable,” emphasizing a commitment to transition from Israel and secure support amid growing global concerns about the situation in Gaza. The Geneva Council urges the U.S. government to reconsider its stance and prioritize a comprehensive assessment of the situation to ensure adherence to international human rights accords.

As an independent news organization, the Geneva Council remains committed to providing unbiased and factual coverage, shedding light on critical issues affecting global peace and stability.

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