Geneva Council Condemns Escalating Human Rights Violations by Myanmar Military Junta


In a stark denunciation of the egregious human rights abuses perpetrated by the Myanmar Military Junta, the Geneva Council, issues a resounding condemnation of the escalating crisis in Myanmar.

Between January 8 and January 14, 2024, the Military Junta intensified its campaign of widespread human rights violations, pushing the country further into a state of crisis marked by a shocking disregard for civilian life. The Geneva Council expresses grave concern over the ruthless actions of the military regime, including airstrikes and bombings in various regions such as Sagaing, Mandalay, Rakhine, Chin, Shan, and Kachin. These brutal tactics not only targeted insurgent groups but also resulted in indiscriminate harm to civilians.

The toll on innocent lives is distressingly evident, with a minimum of eight civilians reported dead in Sagaing and Mandalay Regions alone, and an additional 20 civilians reported dead, and over 20 injured due to heavy and light artillery attacks. Shockingly, even children have not been spared, as two underage children were injured, and two lost their lives due to the Military Junta’s abuses, showcasing a blatant disregard for international human rights norms and the principles of warfare.

Forced displacements and coercive recruitment efforts have compounded the crisis, with civilians compelled to abandon their homes multiple times to escape advancing Military Junta forces. In an alarming development, the military regime forcibly recruited civilians in the Bago Region to form militia groups, imposing serious repercussions and financial penalties on those who resisted. Military-appointed local administrators went so far as to mandate villages to provide men for military training in the wake of a recruitment drive following casualties and mass surrenders.

Civil rights violations were rampant in the Ayeyarwady Region, where military personnel engaged in the arrest, beating, and extortion of civilians lacking National Registration Cards (NRC) or Smart cards. This blatant violation underscores the dire situation in Myanmar under the rule of the Military Junta.

The Geneva Council calls on the international community to closely monitor these alarming developments and demands accountability from the Military Junta for its egregious actions. The Council remains steadfast in its commitment to exposing human rights violations and standing up against injustice worldwide.

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