Geneva Council Stands with Indonesian Foreign Minister’s Critique of Western Double Standards in Gaza Strip


The Geneva Council expresses solidarity with Indonesian Foreign Minister Ritno Marsudi as she strongly criticizes the perceived double standards of Western countries in the Gaza Strip.

In a recent address at the historic Merdeka building in Java, Minister Marsudi denounced the silence of Western nations, traditionally outspoken advocates for human rights, regarding the ongoing human rights violations in Gaza. The Geneva Council supports her unwavering commitment to bringing attention to this issue and Indonesia’s continued support for Palestine.

The Merdeka building, a symbol of Indonesia’s dedication to opposing colonialism, serves as a poignant reminder of the unresolved commitment to Palestine. Minister Marsudi emphasized that Indonesia considers the freedom of Palestine a significant debt that must be addressed, and she pledged ongoing support for the Palestinian cause.

Highlighting the historical significance of the 1955 Asia-Africa Conference, which birthed the Non-Aligned Movement, Marsudi noted that while over two dozen countries secured their independence, Palestine remains the only participant yet to achieve self-determination.

Minister Marsudi, in her impassioned address, questioned the disappearance of Western discourse on human rights and underscored the need for equal rights for all nations, including Palestine. She raised concerns about the perceived devaluation of Palestinian lives and called for a renewed focus on the ongoing struggle of the Palestinian people.

The Indonesian Foreign Minister also criticized international organizations, specifically the UN Security Council, for what she deemed a failure to halt the alleged genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. The Geneva Council echoes her call for the United Nations not to forget the plight of the Palestinian people.

Expressing disapproval of the United States’ veto of a Gaza ceasefire resolution in the Security Council, Marsudi lamented the apparent lack of attention to human rights violations. The Geneva Council stands with Minister Marsudi in emphasizing that the Palestinian cause should not be ignored or undermined.

In a noteworthy development, Minister Marsudi is scheduled to make a statement at the upcoming International Court of Justice hearing on South Africa’s petition against Israel’s actions in Palestine.

The Geneva Council remains committed to providing unbiased coverage and fostering dialogue on critical global issues. We encourage further discussions on the concerns raised by Minister Marsudi and support efforts to address the ongoing challenges in the Gaza Strip.

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