Geneva Council Condemn Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza: Over 90,000 dead or missing


The Geneva Council strongly condemns the alarming humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza, where over 90,000 individuals, constituting about 4 percent of the total population, are now reported as either deceased, wounded, or missing.

The relentless air, land, and sea attacks by Israel since October 7 have resulted in the destruction of approximately 70 percent of Gaza’s civilian facilities and infrastructure. The Geneva Council underscores the apparent objective of implementing collective punishment against the entire population, with a stark intention to render the strip uninhabitable, compelling hundreds of thousands of civilians towards forced displacement.

As of Sunday evening, the Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported 29,835 Palestinians as killed or missing, including 10,000 children, 7,000 women, 326 medical staff, and 109 journalists. Additionally, 58,416 individuals are injured, with hundreds in critical condition.

The situation on the ground is dire, with numerous bodies trapped under rubble, and some corpses left inaccessible on roads due to Israeli forces’ ground incursions.

Approximately 1.9 million Palestinians have been displaced from their homes in Gaza, with 69,000 housing units completely destroyed and 290,000 partially damaged. The targeted facilities include 389 schools and universities, 1,612 industrial facilities, 204 health facilities (30 hospitals, 53 health centers, and 121 ambulances), 374 mosques, three churches, and 169 press offices.

The military assaults by Israel appear to aim at expanding its occupation to cover the entire Gaza Strip, leading to the forced displacement of the majority of Gaza’s population. The Geneva Council asserts that such actions violate international law, potentially constituting war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

Moreover, Israel is accused of using starvation as a weapon by obstructing humanitarian supplies and resources from entering Gaza, suppressing the local population, and coercing them into evacuating their land.

The deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure by Israel to cause casualties, material losses, and destruction is deemed a form of retaliation and collective punishment. The Geneva Council condemns these actions as clear violations of international humanitarian law, the 1949 Geneva Convention, and as war crimes according to the Rome Statute governing the International Criminal Court.

The Geneva Council calls on the international community to address this crisis urgently. The organization reiterates its commitment to seeking justice for the victims and holding those responsible for human rights violations accountable.

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