Geneva Council Stands in Solidarity with Reporters Without Borders (RSF) in Filing War Crimes Complaint for Journalists in Gaza


In response to the escalating tragedy in Gaza, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has taken a significant step by filing a second war crimes complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) regarding the deaths of seven Palestinian journalists in the Gaza Strip between 22 October and 15 December. Geneva Council, stands firmly in support of RSF’s pursuit of justice for the targeted attacks on journalists.

RSF has urged ICC prosecutor Karim Khan to investigate all deaths of Palestinian journalists at the hands of the Israeli military since 7 October, a grim tally currently reaching 66. The latest complaint, filed on 22 December, specifically addresses the probable war crimes committed by the Israel Defence Forces in the deaths of seven Palestinian reporters during the eight weeks leading up to 15 December.

The evidence collected by RSF provides reasonable grounds to believe that the journalists named in this complaint were deliberate targets, victims of attacks amounting to war crimes. RSF categorizes these deaths as intentional homicides of civilians, emphasizing the urgency for accountability and justice.

The journalists named in the complaint include Asem Al-Barsh, an Al Najah radio journalist killed by sniper fire; Bilal Jadallah of the Palestinian Press House, who fell victim to a direct missile attack on his car; Montaser Al-Sawaf, targeted twice by missile fire at his home; Rushdi Al Siraj, a victim of a direct shot on his home; Hassouna Salim of the Quds News agency, killed by a missile after receiving death threats; Sari Mansour, a photo-journalist for Quds News, who died in the same attack; and Samer Abu Daqqa, an Al Jazeera correspondent seemingly killed by a precision shot fired from a drone that also wounded Al Jazeera bureau chief Wael Dahdouh.

RSF’s commitment to addressing crimes against journalists is evident in their previous complaints to the ICC, dating back to 2018. Geneva Council joins RSF in calling on ICC prosecutor Karim Khan to prioritize elucidating the crimes committed against journalists in Gaza and prosecuting those responsible.

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