Geneva Council Stands in Solidarity with Global Demonstrations Supporting Gaza on World Human Rights Day


In a powerful expression of global unity, demonstrators around the world gathered in support of Palestinians and voiced their opposition to the Israeli army’s actions in the Gaza Strip on World Human Rights Day. Geneva Council, an independent news organization committed to impartial reporting, supports and amplifies the voices of those advocating for justice and human rights.

Protests, organized on Sunday in various cities, including Istanbul, Copenhagen, The Hague, Tunis, Melbourne, Tokyo, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Karachi, Sanaa, Rabat, and others, underscored the international community’s commitment to upholding human rights.

December 10 annually marks Human Rights Day, commemorating the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. Demonstrators across the globe, supported by human rights organizations, decried Israel’s alleged violations, including the destruction of vital infrastructure in Gaza, leaving 500,000 people vulnerable due to a severe shortage of water and food.

In Istanbul, a significant gathering convened in Beyazit Square, where participants, holding pro-Palestine banners, marched to the Hagia Sophia Mosque. The event featured recitations from the Quran and prayers, symbolizing a collective call for justice.

Geneva Council acknowledges the solidarity displayed in Western Balkan capitals, where thousands gathered to express support for Palestine. Belgrade, the Serbian capital, witnessed demonstrators flying both Palestinian and Serbian flags, demanding an immediate ceasefire and an end to what they termed the “Genocide in Palestine.” Chants of “Free Palestine” echoed through the streets.

The ongoing conflict has resulted in a dire humanitarian situation, with Gaza’s Ministry of Health reporting approximately 18,000 Palestinians killed and 49,500 wounded in Israeli attacks since October 7. Israel’s relentless bombardment and ground operations have forced hundreds of thousands to flee from the northern and central areas to the increasingly overcrowded southern regions.

Geneva Council remains committed to providing unbiased coverage and amplifying the voices calling for justice, peace, and the protection of human rights. We stand in solidarity with those advocating for a peaceful resolution to the situation in Gaza and call for an immediate ceasefire.

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