Geneva Council Stands in Solidarity with Turkish President Erdogan Condemning Xenophobia and Human Rights Violations in Gaza Strip


The Geneva Council, echoes Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s impassioned address on the alarming rise of xenophobia and gross human rights violations, particularly in the Gaza Strip.

In a recent statement delivered during the “Face of Humanity” program dedicated to World Human Rights Day, President Erdogan underscored the pervasive threat of Islamophobia and xenophobia, likening their spread to poison ivy within Western societies. The Turkish President highlighted the pressing issue of human rights violations occurring despite the global celebration of World Human Rights Day on December 10.

President Erdogan drew attention to the vulnerability of Muslim communities, comprising a significant majority of migrants, who face the brunt of xenophobic, racist, discriminatory, and fascist practices worldwide. The Geneva Council supports President Erdogan’s call for heightened awareness and action against these injustices.

Notably, Erdogan observed a disturbing surge in provocations against Muslims and migrants across various regions, from Canada and the United States to Europe and Asian countries. The Geneva Council shares concerns about the legitimization of anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim actions under the guise of freedom of thought in Western countries, as pointed out by President Erdogan.

The Turkish President further highlighted the dire situation in the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories, where the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights faces egregious violations. Erdogan accused the Israeli authorities, with unwavering support from the West, of perpetrating brutal atrocities and massacres in Gaza that demand global attention and intervention.

While acknowledging the possibility of achieving a just peace, Erdogan expressed skepticism about the United States’ role in facilitating such a resolution, emphasizing, “Because America is on the side of Israel.” The Geneva Council echoes these concerns and urges the international community to address these challenges with the gravity they demand.

The Geneva Council remains committed to unbiased reporting, transparency, and advocating for human rights globally. We stand in solidarity with President Erdogan in condemning xenophobia and human rights violations, and we call on the international community to address these issues promptly and effectively.

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