Ethiopia in Crisis: Geneva Council Demands Immediate Action Against Ongoing Atrocity Crimes


Geneva Council condemns the continued perpetration of atrocity crimes in Ethiopia. We stand united in our call for immediate action to address the dire human rights situation that persists in the country.

The International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia has sounded a grave alarm, underscoring the critical importance of independent investigators continuing their relentless efforts to examine Ethiopia’s deeply concerning human rights situation. Mohamed Chande Othman, Chairperson of the Commission, articulated the collective concern, highlighting the potential for future atrocities if the current crisis is left unaddressed.

The Commission’s latest report presents a stark assessment of Ethiopia’s predicament, revealing an alarming presence of risk factors for future atrocity crimes within the nation. These factors include ongoing serious violations, widespread violence, instability, and an entrenched culture of impunity. The report builds upon a previous Commission finding, presented to the UN Human Rights Council, which concluded that war crimes and crimes against humanity have been occurring in Ethiopia since November 3, 2020.

November 3, 2020, marked the commencement of hostilities between Government forces and the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front, with the conflict spreading across much of northern Ethiopia. Although a ceasefire agreement was reached in November 2022, the Commission has confirmed that serious violations persist in the Tigray region. Eritrean forces continue to operate within Ethiopian borders, and civilians, especially women, continue to suffer from atrocities, including rape and other forms of sexual violence.

The Commission’s findings also raise alarm about the deteriorating situation in the Amhara region, with emerging reports of extrajudicial killings and mass arrests. Regrettably, many of the structural drivers of violence and conflict remain unaddressed.

In response to these alarming developments, Steven Ratner, one of the independent experts, stressed the urgency of continued investigations to address human rights violations and prevent further tragedies. He called upon the international community to take action, emphasizing the responsibility to protect the vulnerable and hold perpetrators accountable.

Geneva Council underscores the critical role of the Human Rights Council in preventing human rights violations and responding to emergencies. We firmly believe that the situation in Ethiopia demands ongoing attention, intervention, and concerted efforts to address these grave human rights concerns.

As an independent news organization, we pledge to continue our unwavering commitment to reporting on this issue and holding those responsible for atrocity crimes in Ethiopia accountable for their actions.

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