Geneva Council Supports Western Group’s Call for UN Investigation into Sudan Atrocities


The Geneva Council stands in solidarity with the joint efforts of the United States, Britain, Norway, and Germany as they collaborate to present a crucial proposal before the United Nations Human Rights Council. This proposal seeks to initiate a comprehensive investigation into the alleged atrocities unfolding in Sudan. The situation in Sudan has escalated dramatically, resulting in widespread bloodshed, violence, and the displacement of countless individuals since the eruption of conflict between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces in April. These events have pushed Sudan perilously close to the brink of a potential civil war, with West Darfur being one of the regions most severely affected, witnessing ethnically motivated attacks that have resulted in numerous casualties.

The Geneva Council emphasizes the importance of an impartial and thorough investigation into the reported atrocities in Sudan, and fully supports the Western group’s call for the United Nations Human Rights Council to undertake this vital task. The allegations of human rights violations and abuses in Sudan are deeply concerning and must be addressed with urgency and transparency.

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have consistently denied any involvement in attacks on civilians, despite allegations from conflict monitors, human rights organizations, and eyewitnesses. The RSF has also affirmed its commitment to ensuring that any of its personnel found guilty of such actions are brought to justice. Additionally, Sudan itself has rejected accusations of deliberately targeting civilians, characterizing the conflict as an internal matter.

In response to these critical concerns, the Western group has drafted a document that has been reviewed by Reuters. The document unequivocally condemns the violations of human rights and abuses that have occurred during this five-month-long conflict. It proposes the establishment of a Fact Finding Mission, comprising three experts, who will be entrusted with investigating these reported violations meticulously. These experts will provide regular oral and written updates to the 47-member United Nations Human Rights Council, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the investigation process.

The Geneva Council recognizes that the dissemination of unbiased information and the pursuit of justice are paramount in addressing such grave matters. We applaud the Western group for their dedication to seeking the truth and holding those responsible for any atrocities accountable.

While the draft proposal has been shared among member countries for their consideration, it has not yet been officially submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council. We anticipate that the deliberations within the Council will bring heightened international attention to this pressing issue, and the outcomes of their investigations may serve as a basis for actions by international prosecutors.

The Geneva Council remains committed to providing accurate and impartial coverage of this critical issue and will continue to monitor developments closely as the international community endeavors to address the atrocities in Sudan.

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