Geneva Council Stands with Australian Labor Party as They Adopt Resolution Condemning Erosion of Rights and Freedom in Tibet


Geneva Council, an independent news organization committed to promoting human rights and global justice, applauds the Australia Labor Party (ALP) for its unwavering commitment to upholding human rights and freedom around the world. During its 49th National Conference held from 17-19 August in Brisbane, the ALP unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the alarming erosion of rights and freedoms in Tibet.

The resolution, introduced by MP Julian Hill of the ALP, underscores the party’s strong condemnation of human rights violations against the Uyghur and other ethnic and religious minorities in Xinjiang and across China. It is deeply troubled by the credible findings of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, which highlight allegations of torture, ill-treatment, and even allegations of sexual and gender-based violence. The resolution also recognizes that some of these violations may constitute crimes against humanity.

The Australian Labor Party expresses grave concern about the erosion of educational, religious, cultural, and linguistic rights and freedoms in Tibet. Reports detailing the separation of Tibetan children from their families in government-run boarding schools, the detention of Tibetans for peacefully expressing their political views, and the suppression of Tibetan religious expression have raised significant alarm. The party also highlights excessive security measures, mass surveillance, restrictions on travel, and China’s policies regarding Tibetan cultural rights and heritage as issues of deep concern.

In addition to these concerns, the Australian Labor Party voices its apprehension regarding the use of forced labor across China and the continuing erosion of Hong Kong’s rights, freedoms, and autonomy. The party denounces the broad application of National Security Laws to arrest and pressure pro-democracy figures and opposition groups.

Geneva Council recognizes the ALP’s dedication to human rights and its commitment to addressing these critical issues on the international stage. The Australian Labor Party, one of the major political parties in Australia, has been in power since May 2022, with Anthony Albanese serving as the incumbent Prime Minister.

Geneva Council stands in solidarity with the Australian Labor Party’s efforts to champion human rights and condemns the erosion of rights and freedoms in Tibet and other areas of concern. We applaud their resolve to bring attention to these vital issues and call on the international community to join in this crucial endeavor.

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