Geneva Council Supports UN Investigators Mission to Ukraine to Probe Allegations of Russian Human Rights Abuse


The Geneva Council an independent news organization, stands firmly in support of the upcoming mission by United Nations (UN) investigators to Ukraine. The mission, spearheaded by the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine, is set to embark on its third “fact-finding mission” aimed at comprehensively probing allegations of human rights abuses attributed to Russia.

Scheduled to commence on August 28 and culminate on September 4, this mission represents a crucial step in the ongoing pursuit of truth and accountability. The investigators, who are members of the esteemed UN commission, are poised to traverse various locations within Ukraine, including Uman in Cherkasy Oblast and the capital city, Kyiv. Their objective is to diligently investigate the allegations, meet with victims and witnesses, and document vital evidence to bring forth a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

The Geneva Council acknowledges the significance of this endeavor in shedding light on reported human rights violations, abuses, and potential breaches of international humanitarian law. By engaging directly with those impacted and collaborating with a diverse array of stakeholders, the UN investigators aim to uncover facts and truths that are essential for a just and equitable resolution.

As part of their mission, the commissioners are scheduled to hold meetings with a range of entities, including governmental officials, representatives of civil society, delegates from UN agencies, international organizations, and members of the diplomatic community. This collective engagement underscores the collaborative nature of the efforts to unveil the truth.

The Geneva Council wholeheartedly supports the extension of the commission’s mandate, which was prolonged in April 2023, granting an additional year for investigations. With the anticipation of a comprehensive report to be submitted in March 2024, the world awaits the unveiling of the commission’s findings, based on careful examination and impartial analysis.

Notably, the commission’s prior reports have already unearthed compelling evidence of human rights abuses, even identifying specific incidents as war crimes. The council underscores the urgency for continued investigation, particularly with regards to Russia’s actions concerning repeated attacks on Ukraine’s energy-related infrastructure and reported instances of torture carried out by Russian authorities. These allegations, if substantiated, could constitute crimes against humanity, warranting the world’s attention and action.

The March 2023 report from the commission firmly stated, “The Commission’s findings indicate that Russian armed forces have conducted attacks employing explosive weaponry within populated areas, seemingly displaying a disregard for the well-being and suffering of civilians. Instances of indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks have been documented, accompanied by a failure to undertake precautions in accordance with the principles of international humanitarian law.”

The Geneva Council pledges unwavering support to the UN investigators and their mission to uncover the truth, foster justice, and ultimately contribute to a world where human rights are upheld without compromise.

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