Geneva Council Stands in Support of AIFES Call for Peace and Human Rights in Niger Republic


The Geneva Council strongly aligns itself with the African Indigenous Foundation for Energy and Sustainable Development (AIFES) in their urgent plea to uphold peace and human rights in Niger Republic.

In a recent statement issued by AIFES in Port Harcourt, the organization earnestly appealed to the leadership of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to exercise restraint and avoid any recourse to force that could potentially compromise human rights in their efforts to restore stability in Niger Republic.

Legborsi Saro-Pyagbara, the Executive Director of AIFES, emphasized the crucial significance of considering the ramifications of such actions, particularly concerning the infringement upon human rights and the tragic loss of innocent lives, particularly those of women and children, should military forces be deployed to the West African nation.

The Geneva Council wholeheartedly supports AIFES in their stance, which underscores the importance of condemning undemocratic power seizures, while urging for a peaceful and rights-respecting approach in response. The Council echoes AIFES’ call for the international community, especially the leadership of ECOWAS, to explore alternatives to armed intervention, and instead, to prioritize diplomatic and constitutional avenues in the quest for restoring normalcy to Niger Republic.

In parallel, the Geneva Council extends its solidarity to AIFES’ appeal directed towards the military junta in Niger. The organization encourages the junta to promptly restore elected officials who were unconstitutionally ousted from power. The Geneva Council underscores the significance of adhering to lawful means to address governance concerns, emphasizing that illegal acts should never be pursued as a solution.

The Geneva Council acknowledges and commends the extensive efforts undertaken by various stakeholders, including individuals, corporations, and international bodies such as the Nigerian government, ECOWAS, and the African Union, to reestablish a legitimate leadership and peace in Niger following the upheaval caused by the removal of the elected government.

The Council applauds the measures taken so far, including foreign governments’ imposition of sanctions and the African Union’s suspension of Niger. These actions send a resounding message that democratic principles and human rights must be respected and upheld.

The Geneva Council fully endorses AIFES’ call for the protection of citizens’ rights and the provision of vital humanitarian aid and services to the people of Niger. By doing so, the Council aims to mitigate the dire consequences of hunger, disease, and loss of innocent lives that could result from the ongoing crisis.

As an independent news organization committed to responsible journalism, the Geneva Council remains steadfast in amplifying voices that advocate for peace, human rights, and the rule of law. We stand united with AIFES in their unwavering pursuit of a peaceful resolution that safeguards the rights and lives of the people of Niger Republic.

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