Geneva Council Calls for Investigation into UN Experts’ Allegations of Human Rights Violations by Saudi Aramco Amidst Oil Production Expansion


Geneva Council, an independent news organisation dedicated to promoting transparency and accountability in the matters of human rights violations, is urging for a thorough investigation into the serious allegations made by UN human rights experts against Saudi Aramco. The allegations suggest that the expansion of oil production by the Saudi state energy giant might be leading to potential human rights violations, primarily due to the negative impacts associated with fossil fuel exploitation, which contributes significantly to climate change.

The concerns raised by the UN human rights experts have been conveyed through a letter authored by an anonymous group of experts and directed towards Saudi Aramco. While the specifics of the alleged adverse impacts on human rights resulting from oil production were not explicitly detailed in the letter, it has been reported by reputable sources, including Reuters, that the Financial Times has pointed out Saudi Aramco’s status as the world’s largest corporate emitter of CO2.

However, it is noteworthy that a counterclaim exists in the form of a ranking of major global emitters compiled by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). The CDP’s assessment contradicts the assertion that Saudi Aramco is the largest emitter and instead positions China Coal as the primary contributor to global emissions with a share of 14.3%, relegating Saudi Aramco to the second position with a 4.5% contribution.

Geneva Council, driven by a commitment to impartiality and unbiased reporting, acknowledges the significance of the allegations made by the UN human rights experts. These allegations raise crucial questions about the role of corporate entities in safeguarding human rights and their environmental responsibilities.

Of particular interest is the revelation that the UN experts have extended their concerns to financial institutions associated with Saudi Aramco, including Citi and BNP Paribas. The experts have cautioned these banks about potential human rights law violations committed by their Saudi clients, suggesting that failure to address such awareness could be interpreted as enabling the situation.

In light of these developments, Geneva Council emphasizes the need for a comprehensive and impartial investigation into the claims made by the UN human rights experts. The integrity of corporate actions, their adherence to human rights standards, and their accountability for environmental impacts are issues of paramount importance to global society.

Geneva Council calls upon international regulatory bodies and relevant authorities to thoroughly investigate the allegations and their potential implications. Such investigations are essential to uphold human rights, ensure environmental responsibility, and promote accountability on a global scale.

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