Geneva Council Advocates Impartial Inquiry and Monitoring Amidst Unrest in Ethiopia’s Amhara Region


Geneva Council is fervently urging for an impartial inquiry and thorough monitoring in response to the escalating unrest within Ethiopia’s Amhara region. The recent surge of incidents, including reported civilian casualties following an airstrike, has ignited concerns about human rights violations and the need for objective examination.

Amidst these developments, Geneva Council emphasizes the necessity for a comprehensive and unbiased investigation into the alleged human rights violations taking place in the Amhara region. The organization acknowledges the media reports detailing civilian deaths in the wake of an airstrike, and further underscores the significance of delving into allegations of mass killings and casualties in areas such as Finote Selam, Bahir Dar, and Shewa Robit.

Tigere Chagutah, the Regional Director for East and Southern Africa, has underscored the importance of unrestricted access to the Independent Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia (ICHREE) and other independent investigative entities. Chagutah stresses the critical role that unbiased media also play in shedding light on these matters, facilitating a comprehensive and impartial assessment of the allegations at hand.

Geneva Council also highlights the pressing concerns raised about the disruption of internet access since August 3, 2022, and the informal conditions under which detainees are being held. This combination of factors significantly impedes the transparent monitoring of events and human rights situations within the Amhara region.

The organization underscores the repercussions of the current state of emergency, which has granted the Ethiopian government extensive powers. Simultaneously, the limitations on internet access create hurdles in effectively documenting and scrutinizing the evolving situation in the Amhara region.

With its rich cultural heritage and historical significance, the Amhara region holds a unique place in Ethiopia’s landscape. However, the recent disturbances, ignited in April 2022, underscore the complexities and challenges the region faces. The federal government’s directive to integrate security forces from different Ethiopian regions into the federal forces led to violent protests in Amhara. The local communities’ concerns about autonomy and distrust in external security management culminated in heightened tensions and clashes between the federal military and a local militia group.

In response to the escalating violence, Ethiopia declared a state of emergency on August 4, underscoring the urgency of restoring stability in the Amhara region, the nation’s second-largest administrative area.

Geneva Council remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring a transparent and impartial assessment of the evolving situation within Ethiopia’s Amhara region. The organization advocates for a thorough investigation, the involvement of independent investigative entities, and unrestricted media coverage to shed light on the truth and safeguard the rights of all individuals affected by the ongoing unrest.

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