Geneva Council Stands Behind EU’s Scrutiny of Pakistan’s Eligibility for GSP Plus Trade Agreement


The Geneva Council underscores its support for the European Union’s (EU) diligent assessment of Pakistan’s qualifications for the Generalised Scheme of Preferences Plus (GSP+) trade agreement.

In a recent report , attention has been drawn to the potential non-extension of the EU’s 10-year preferential trade agreement, GSP Plus, with Pakistan. The GSP+ program, a cornerstone of the EU’s ethical trade initiatives, offers a unique platform for developing nations to access duty-free EU markets while adhering to stringent international standards of good governance, human rights, and labor rights.

As outlined in the report, Pakistan’s commitment to upholding international agreements has come under scrutiny, potentially impacting the continuation of its GSP Plus status. The EU’s decision to intensify the criteria for GSP Plus eligibility reflects its unwavering dedication to fostering responsible trade practices and incentivizing robust compliance with global norms.

The new requirements imposed by the EU mandate participating countries to present a comprehensive action plan detailing the implementation of over 30 international conventions. This pivotal step reinforces the EU’s commitment to advancing sustainable development goals and underlines the importance of accountable trade relationships.

The Geneva Council commends the European Union’s resolute stance in ensuring that trade partners adhere to established international norms. By holding nations accountable for their commitment to human rights, labor rights, and sustainable development, the EU sets a compelling example for ethical and transparent trade relations.

The Geneva Council remains steadfast in its dedication to delivering unbiased and accurate coverage of unfolding developments. Through transparent journalism, the organization aims to foster informed conversations and promote international cooperation on matters of global significance.

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