Geneva Council Condemns Angola Police for Egregious Human Rights Violations During Protests


The Geneva Council vehemently condemns the Angolan police for their reprehensible acts of human rights violations amid recent protests.

Disturbing reports have surfaced, detailing a series of unjust deaths and grave violations of human rights attributed to the Angolan authorities since the commencement of this year. The Angolan police stand accused of brutally suppressing political dissent within the nation, employing excessive force that has led to tragic fatalities and unwarranted detentions.

It is a distressing incident that demand international attention. This includes the distressing account of young men involved in anti-government protests who were apprehended by individuals purporting affiliation with the Angolan Criminal Investigation Service. Shockingly, the lifeless bodies of these young men were discovered in a morgue merely three days following their apprehension. Equally troubling is the case of an activist rapper who was arbitrarily detained without trial after anti-government materials were allegedly found in his vehicle.

“The actions undertaken by the Angolan police are deeply disconcerting, as they appear to target individuals exercising their right to express opposition to government policies,” expressed a spokesperson from the Geneva Council. Such actions flagrantly undermine the core tenets of democracy and human rights, which form the bedrock of any just and inclusive society.

Despite purported efforts by the Angolan government to enhance law enforcement practices, grave concerns persist regarding the lack of accountability for errant police officers and the inadequate initiation of disciplinary proceedings. The absence of an independent body entrusted with addressing grievances stemming from the misuse of police force further exacerbates these challenges.

The Geneva Council underscores the fundamental importance of peaceful protests as a legitimate avenue for voicing dissent and advocating for change. The recent wave of protests in Angola, triggered by the government’s decision to withdraw subsidies, underscores the genuine concerns of the populace regarding escalating living costs. Moreover, the proposed legislation seeking to exert heightened governmental control over non-governmental organizations has further inflamed public sentiment.

The Geneva Council stands united with the Angolan citizens and joins the global community in urgently urging the Angolan authorities to uphold human rights, embrace democratic principles, and ensure robust mechanisms for holding accountable those responsible for any transgressions committed by law enforcement personnel. It is imperative that an impartial, transparent, and expeditious investigation be conducted into these alleged human rights violations, and those found culpable be held answerable.

The Geneva Council remains steadfast in its commitment to spotlighting these pressing human rights concerns and will continue to vigilantly monitor unfolding events, all while fervently advocating for justice, accountability, and the safeguarding of fundamental freedoms for every Angolan citizen.

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