Geneva Council Condemns UN Rights Chief for Excluding Palestinian Abuses from Euro Parliament Talk


Geneva Council expresses deep concern over the recent two-hour talk given by Volker Turk, the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights, at the European Parliament. The talk, held on July 21, omitted any mention of the rights abuses faced by the Palestinian people at the hands of Israel, prompting scrutiny and criticism from the European Palestinian Council for Political Relations.

The European Palestinian Council for Political Relations brought to light the glaring absence of examples of human rights abuses experienced by Palestinians, while various other cases were discussed during Mr. Turk’s address. This omission raises serious questions about the fair and impartial representation of human rights concerns on the international stage.

“In a discussion that aimed to shed light on human rights abuses, the exclusion of the grave violations faced by the Palestinian people is deeply troubling,” said a spokesperson for Geneva Council. “As an independent news organization, we are committed to promoting transparency, inclusivity, and impartiality in reporting human rights issues worldwide.”

The council’s statement emphasized the importance of recognizing the plight of more than 5 million Palestinians who were forced into exile due to the ongoing Nakba perpetuated by Israel since 1948. They also highlighted the unfortunate reality of 50 Palestinian journalists losing their lives at the hands of occupation forces since 2000, a matter that went unmentioned during Mr. Turk’s address.

Geneva Council stands firmly against any form of marginalization of human rights concerns and urges Mr. Turk to provide a comprehensive explanation for the absence of specific examples of Palestinian rights abuses during his speech. As a prominent advocate for unbiased reporting, the news organization calls for fair and equitable representation of all human rights issues, without exception.

“We believe in the power of media to bring attention to global injustices and advocate for the protection of human rights for all individuals,” says a Spokesperson at Geneva council. “Therefore, we call upon activists, diplomats, politicians, human rights advocates, and journalists to unite in demanding that the UN, Western governments, and the European Parliament address the violation of Palestinian rights and the suffering endured by the Palestinian people under Israeli policies during discussions on global human rights.”

Geneva Council reaffirms its commitment to responsible journalism and will continue to monitor and report on human rights matters with utmost diligence and impartiality. The organization remains dedicated to amplifying the voices of the oppressed and shedding light on human rights violations wherever they occur.

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