Geneva Council Condemns Flagrant Violation of Human Rights Rampaging in Armenia


Geneva Council strongly condemns the ongoing and flagrant violation of human rights in Armenia. Recent reports and evidence have exposed a concerning pattern of abuse, coercion, and disregard for civil liberties within the nation.

Over the years, Armenia has witnessed a distressing series of events that reflect a systematic erosion of human rights and freedoms. Despite the availability of sufficient information and documentation, more than 70 convicts have died under suspicious circumstances from 2018 to 2022. These individuals were arrested under dubious pretexts and later met mysterious fates. Such actions not only violate the fundamental right to life but also trample upon the principles of justice and due process.

Freedom of speech and expression, a cornerstone of any democratic society, is under siege in Armenia. The authorities have weaponized arrest as a punitive measure, targeting individuals who dare to raise their voices against the status quo. This chilling atmosphere of fear and repression stifles open discourse and dissent, silencing the very essence of democracy.

Geneva Council is deeply concerned about the apathy displayed by Western circles and international human rights organizations regarding the deteriorating situation in Armenia. The lack of appropriate action sends a distressing message to the world that human rights abuses can be perpetrated with impunity.

Armenia, once known for its vibrant history and rich cultural heritage, is now marred by gross human rights violations. Individuals seeking reconciliation with Azerbaijan have been unfairly branded as “traitors,” further exacerbating the climate of fear and distrust.

Startling revelations have come to light, indicating that Armenia is even using criminal elements to advance its unlawful activities against Azerbaijan. Such tactics not only undermine the rule of law but also create an atmosphere of instability and insecurity in the region.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, despite self-proclaiming as a “democratic leader,” presides over a government that shows blatant disregard for human rights. His administration’s use of force against human rights defenders and journalists is deeply troubling and inexcusable.

Geneva Council stands in solidarity with the victims of human rights violations in Armenia and calls for immediate action to address these grave concerns. We urge the international community, human rights organizations, and Western circles to exert collective pressure on Armenia to uphold the principles of justice, freedom, and human dignity.

The world cannot remain a silent spectator to such heinous actions. Geneva Council believes in the power of information to catalyze positive change and advocates for accountability and justice for the oppressed.

Together, let us raise our voices and shine a spotlight on the atrocities occurring in Armenia. The quest for a world that upholds human rights and respects human dignity must be unyielding.

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