GCRL joins open letter calling on President Biden to end Israel’s institutionalized domination and oppression against the Palestinian people.


The Geneva Council for Rights and Liberties (GCRL) has joined over 600 rights groups, leaders, academics, and politics in signing an open letter to call on President Biden to help bring an end to Israel’s institutionalized domination and oppression of the Palestinian people and protect their fundamental human rights.
The letter, signed by 682 organizations and individuals, and titled:“ #NowIsTheTime A global call to President Biden” requested an end to the ever-expanding discrimination and systemic oppression and accountability for Israeli authorities that violate Palestinian rights.
ّ“Mr. President, now is the time to set a new benchmark in American foreign policy that leads with justice and paves the way toward lasting peace”, the signatories said. They urged US leadership to apply a consistent rights-centered foreign policy that can signal to Israel’s leaders that violations of international law will no longer go unaccounted for.

The full text of the letter to President Biden can be found below 


682 signatories:


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