Yemen: Photojournalist’s assassination, another example of violent attacks on journalists 


Geneva Council for Rights and Liberties (GCRL) has learned with deep regret the murder of photojournalist and online activist Nabil Al-Qaiti who was gunned down and killed on Tuesday, 2 June, in Yemen’s southern city of Aden.

Unidentified gunmen assassinated Al-Qaiti on 02 June 2020, near his house in the city of Dar Saad, which is one of the southern districts of Aden Governorate. He was transferred to MSF hospital but he died when he arrived, according to local reports.

GCRL condemns the murder of Al-Qaiti, and the ongoing hardships and obstacles to press freedom in Yemen, in addition to the excessive violence directed against journalists in their work. It also highlights that journalists and media platforms acting as watchdogs and having a key role in observing events but cannot be active actors in conflicts and it is unacceptable to target journalists or media offices in any conflict zone.

Geneva Council for Rights and Liberties calls for an effective investigation into the murder of photojournalist  Al-Qaiti, bring the perpetrators to justice, hold them accountable, and adopt all necessary measures to protect journalists in the country and provide a safe and enabling environment for them to perform their work.

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