Universal Periodic Review – Third Cycle – Kuwait


Today, human rights record of Kuwait will be examined for the third time by the working group on the universal periodic review of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland within the framework of its 35th session. Geneva Council for Rights and Liberties has prepared a report that highlights the most important achievements of Kuwait to improve and strengthen the human rights situation in the country during the past 5 years of the third reporting cycle. The report also points out to existing human rights issues and shortcomings such as violations against the stateless Bidoon minority, torture, repression and excessive use of force during peaceful demonstrations in the country as well as widespread and systematic violations of women’s, children’s and migrants’ rights. Geneva Council for Rights and Liberties proposes a set of recommendations addressed to the government of the State of Kuwait and encourages fully implement its international obligations and commitments.

Here is the full report

Kuwait UPR 2020-2



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