Geneva Council: Israel should end its blockade on Gaza instead of pushing its people to forced migration


GENEVA – Geneva Council for Rights and Liberties deeply condemns Israel’s official announcement that it is looking for countries to receive immigrants from the Gaza Strip, which it was besieged for 13 years, and is ready to allow them to use an Israeli airport to leave.
The Council affirms that instead of offering assistance to the displacement of Palestinians Israel should end its illegal blockade of Gaza and end the suffering caused by the blockade to more than 2 million people living in highly complex humanitarian conditions.
It stresses that Gazans do not need Israel’s help or countries to receive them, but they need to stop the collective punishment imposed on them. They need their most basic rights to freedom of movement and basic services in violation of international agreements and conventions.
Israel is actively pushing for Palestinian immigration from the Gaza Strip and is working to find other countries ready to receive them, Israel Radio reported Tuesday, quoting an official accompanying Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his current visit to Ukraine.
The official adds that Israel is willing to bear the cost of helping the people of Gaza to emigrate, and even willing to consider allowing them to use an Israeli airport near Gaza to leave for new countries. But no country has agreed to receive them so far
GCRL reaffirms that despite its responsibility to protect the affairs of the civilian population under its occupation, Israel imposes a severe blockade on the Gaza Strip and practices an unprecedented form of collective punishment.

He pointed out that Israeli actions undermine the economy in the Gaza Strip, causing record rates of poverty and unemployment (the highest in the world in terms of population and geographical area), as well as a severe lack of public services provided to the population, such as electricity and potable water.
The UN Human Rights Council urged the United Nations and the international community to intervene effectively to end the blockade of Gaza and to end the humanitarian catastrophe and deprivation of basic life to force them to migrate under insecure conditions as recognized by Israel.

GCRL also repeats his previous warning that the continuation of the situation in the Gaza Strip foreshadows a catastrophic explosion in an unprecedented state of despair and frustration among the residents of the Gaza Strip, which is compounded by the accelerated warnings of the collapse of the vital and vital sectors in the sector, which has become in a continuous deficit at all levels.

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