الشيخ أحمد العماري

GENEVA – The Geneva Council for Justice and Rights has today called for the sending of an international commission of inquiry into Saudi Arabia to examine the state of health of hundreds of prisoners of conscience and human rights defenders in prisons.
The Council of Geneva, an international human rights organization, said in a press release that Saudi prisons had been turned into sepulchres for detainees because of physical and psychological torture, medical negligence and detention. in inhumane conditions.
The Council of Geneva referred to the incident of the death of Sheikh Ahmad Al-Amari, Dean of the Faculty of the Holy Quran at Madinah University, a few days ago, following a cerebrovascular crisis in the prison.
According to a Twitter account of conscience’s prisoners defining itself as a Saudi group following the situation of “political detainees” in Saudi Arabia, Al-Amari died as a result of “medical negligence” accord to it.
According to him, “Amari’s death occurred as a result of a cerebrovascular accident in the prison and the detainee was deliberately deprived of all emergency care, which plunged him into coma before to die of it. ”
“If the silence continues, we will hear in the coming days an unfortunate news about the death of other people in prison,” he said. “The elderly are currently in prison and their health is deteriorating continuously.”
Amari was arrested by the Saudi authorities last August as part of a campaign against close associates of the famous writer Safar al-Hawali, which was against a backdrop of a book criticizing the Kingdom’s policies.
The Geneva Council considered that the denunciation of prisoners of conscience in Saudi prisons was an extension of the murder of the famous Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in his country’s consulate in Istanbul in early October 2018.

The Geneva Council has called on the Saudi authorities to immediately release detainees with respect for freedom of opinion and expression, to end unlawful detention without a fair trial and to stop exposing detainees and activists to cruel torture and medical neglect.
The Geneva Council also called for an international intervention to ensure that the Saudi authorities respect their obligations under the ratification of human rights instruments and customary international human rights and human rights laws about the prohibition of torture and arbitrary detention.

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