Yemen :Saudi Arabia Must Stop Torturing Detainees


GENEVA – Geneva Council of Rights and Justice (GCRJ) called on Saudi Arabia to stop its systematic torture against Yemeni detainees in a prison run by Riyadh in the Yemeni city of Hadramout.

GCRJ, an international human rights organization, said in a press statement that it had received testimonies and statements about the detainees being subjected to dreadful physical and psychological torture and cruel and humiliating treatment in a prison called ” the mud prison” which had been abandoned since 2006.

The testimonies received by Geneva Council included complaints from detainees in the prison that administration of the prison put surveillance cameras in solitary cells where there were no toilets, which meant violating their privacy and exposing their nakedness.

GCRJ confirmed that detainees are exposed to enforced disappearances, intentional torture, prolonged detention without being brought before the court, as well as the denial of proper treatment or access to their families.

The Council stressed that the appalling violations committed in prisons run by the Saudi Coalition in Yemen call for international intervention against violations of torture and to stop them and hold those responsible accountable.

Saudi Arabia has been leading a military alliance in the war on Yemen for nearly four years, killing about 10,000 people, including 2,200 children, according to the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), in a humanitarian crisis considered by the United Nations as the worst in the world now.

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