Geneva council for rights and justice condamned  Israel for opening a new road called ”road  4370”


GENEVA –  Geneva council for rights and justice condamned  Israel for opening a new road called ”road  4370” opened yesterday on thursday morning   in north Jerusalem with a physical barrier separating Israeli and Palestinian traffic.

The Geneva Council , an international human rights organization, said in a press statement that the opening of this road was a further violation of the Jewish state’s policy of apartheid against the Palestinian civilian population.

The Geneva Council notes with concern the fact that this road is closed to Palestinians, except those who have a driving permit, but in fact very few Palestinians have this permit, which reinforces the segregation of Palestinian and Israeli populations  is further evidence of Israel’s discrimination against the Palestinian civilian population.

In the West Bank there is already a wall since 2006 that separates the Palestinian and Israeli civilian populations, as well as the territories of 1948 and those of 1967 according to the plan of partition of the UN  but in fact, this wall includes Jerusalem on the side of the territories of 1948 whereas it should put Jerusalem on the side of the territories of 1967.

Salma ajm, coordinator Middle East of the Council for Rights and Justice in Geneva , said the security measures pretexted by Israel were not sufficient to build such a wall.

She also added that Israel has been tearing down Palestinian homes and building settler dwellings in Jerusalem in recent years and that this wall adds to Israel’s policy of segregation of Palestinian civilian populations.

De- Colonizer an Israeli  organization against colonization which made  geographic maps about Palestine before 1948  said about this road ” this is an other apartheid road in the West Bank that eases the Palestinians to ride roads which are exclusively for them. Its aim is of course to make sure that israelis can use roads without palestinians near them. The Israeli settler Colonialism put its efforts in destroying all possibilities for shared life in the country”.

The Geneva Council supports Palestinian civilian populations and stressed that they do not have to undergo such treatment. Israel must therefore recognize the rights of Palestinians and respect them.

The Geneva Council of Rights and Justice calls on Israel to stop this policy that prevents an effective and lasting peace process between Palestinians and Israelis.



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