GCHRJ Calls Upon Ending Sudan Protests’ Suppression


GENEVA – Geneva Council for Human Rights (GCHRJ) and Justice called for an end to all forms of government suppression of popular protests in Sudan since mid-December.

The Council, an international human rights organization, said in a press statement that the practice of shooting and repression against participants in popular protests in Sudan was unjustified and should stop immediately.

The council expressed its dissatisfaction of restricting the access to social media websites by the Sudanese authorities, including blocking the popular social media websites used to organize protests in the country.

The Human Rights Council urged an independent and effective investigation into the government repression of the protests and to bring to justice all those responsible for pointless or excessive use of force.

It also called for the immediate and unconditional release of all detainees for the peaceful exercise of their right to freedom of expression, and peaceful assembly. The arrest of the peaceful protesters is a flagrant violation of the right to peaceful assembly and expression of opinion.

Sudan faces a severe economic crisis that has led to rising prices of fuel, electricity, transportation, food and medicine, sparking protests across the country.

Since December 14, tens of thousands of Sudanese have participated in protests in various parts of the country, including Wad Madani, Port Sudan, Jibit, Gedaref, Atbara, Berber, Dungla, Karima, Damazin, Al-abiad, Fasher, Khartoum, Durman.

At least 19 people were killed and hundreds wounded, according to official figures, during protests in several cities including Khartoum on December 19 following a government decision to raise bread prices. International human rights reports confirm that 37 people were killed during the protests.

GCHRJ stressed the responsibility of the Government of Sudan to address the main reason of the rapid deterioration of the country’s economic conditions rather than trying to prevent citizens from exercising their right to protest against the growing difficulties they have been experiencing for years

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