GCHRJ: UAE Must Reveal Detainee’s Fate


الأكاديمي ناصر بن غيث

GENEVA – Geneva Council for Human Rights and Justice (GCHRJ) called on the UAE authorities to reveal the fate of a detainee after reports of his death under torture, while responding to the demands of a prisoner of conscience who has been on hunger strike for more than two months.

GCHRJ, stated in a press statement that it was concerned about the frequency of identical reports on the death of a UAE citizen called Salem Musa Khamis, a member of the UAE security services, who is accused of “espionage” and claimed to be dead under torture and medical negligence.

Khamis was sentenced to 7 years in prison six years ago by the Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi on charges of communicating with a foreign country and providing information harms the national security and state relations with friendly countries.

The authorities did not give any information about the detainee, nor did his family receive any official information about his condition in the light of repeated reports of his death.

GCHRJ warned the deterioration of the health of Emirati Academic Nasser bin Ghaith, who has been on hunger strike for more than two months.

Ben Ghaith argues that he was ill-treated inside the prison, subjected to deliberate medical negligence and arbitrary restriction. He asked for his freedom and ending his arbitrary detention.

The Council learned that Ben Ghaith was suffering from a rapid health deterioration and was no longer able to see clearly and walk except with assistance. The administration of the infamous Prisoner of “Resin”, where he was being held, continued to abuse him and neglect his health.

Ben Ghaith is one of the leading Arab economists and has served as a lecturer at the Sorbonne branch in Abu Dhabi.

On March 29, 2017, Abu Dhabi Federal Court of Appeal sentenced Ben Ghaith to 10 years in prison for publishing about human rights violations in Egypt.

Nasser Bin Ghaith is a lecturer and reformist activist who was arrested twice by the UAE authorities for his internet activities. He was first arrested in April 2011 with four other activists. They were charged with insulting officials on the internet websites.

GCHRJ renewed its appeals on the UAE authorities to respect their obligations under international conventions to stop its violations of arbitrary detention and torture against detainees which is contrary to the international human rights instruments.

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