GCHRJ Welcomes Eu Parliament’s Decision Imposes Arms Ban On Saudi Arabia & UAE


GENEVA – The European Parliament welcomed an arms ban decision on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates over the three-year war in Yemen which have resulted horrible war crimes against civilians.

Geneva Council for Human Rights and Justice GCHRJ said in a press statement that the European Parliament’s decision represents a victory for Yemen’s civilian victims, a reversal of international justice and a response to repeated human rights demands for the sale of arms to Riyadh and Abu Dhabi due to their crimes in Yemen.

The Council appreciated the European Parliament’s condemnation of KSA_UAE alliance’s war against Yemen, the violations committed against its civilians and the demands of the coalition and the parties to the conflict in Yemen to immediately stop fighting in the country.

The parliament’s resolution, passed with the approval of 449 members against 36 and 78 abstentions, said that the air strikes by the Saudi-UAE-led coalition and the naval blockade imposed on Yemen led to the death of thousands and caused the country’s increasing instability and suffering from the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

GCHRJ stressed the importance of the EU Parliament’s decision to impose an arm ban on Saudi Arabia and the UAE, including Internet censorship technology because of its internal violations, arrest and prosecution of activists and human rights defenders.

The Council urged all European Union countries to adopt the Parliament’s decision and put it into practice. It stressed that the involvement of any European country in military deals with Saudi Arabia and UAE, which are accused of war crimes, is a disgrace and a violation of international consensus against coalition crimes in Yemen.


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