GCHRJ condemns administrative detention of Palestinian journalists and human rights activists


GENEVA – Geneva Council for Human Rights and Justice condemned Israel for turning Palestinian journalists and human rights activists into administrative detention for six months.

The action taken against journalist Anwar Muna (36 years old)  and the human rights activist , Ayman Nasser Karaja (46) both from the West Bank, is arbitrary and illegal, the Geneva-based international human rights organization said in a press release.

GCHRJ pointed out that the Israeli army arrested journalist Mona, a local radio director, on the first of September, after raiding her house in the village of Zawata west of Nablus. While the human rights activist Karaja was arrested on 19 September from his house in the village of Safa, west of Ramallah.

The Council has strongly criticized targeting Palestinian journalists by IOF in an attempt to block the picture and transfer its violations against the Palestinians, pointing out that it is currently holding eight journalists in its prisons. It also condemned the escalated arbitrary administrative detention against Palestinians.

The Geneva Council for Human Rights and Justice stressed that Israel’s continued targeting and arrests of Palestinian journalists is contrary to all international conventions and treaties that guarantee freedom of opinion and expression to individuals and the falseness of Israel’s claims about democracy and public freedoms.


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