GCHRJ Calls on UN General Assembly requesting intervention to save civilians in Yemen


GENEVA –Geneva Council for Human Rights and Justice GCHRJ called upon the General Assembly of the UN to assume its responsibilities in saving the lives of civilians in Yemen and bring peace to the country.

The Council, an international human rights organization, said in a press statement that the highest-level meetings of the United Nations must assume their moral, humanitarian and legal responsibilities to stop the terrible conflict in Yemen.

The Human Rights Council pointed out that 5.2 million Yemeni children face the danger of starvation at a time when the opportunity to help them emerge from the hunger crisis that has returned.

It pointed out that the war led by the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which is currently in the city of Hodeidah, is putting an additional million children in Yemen in the face of the danger of famine, especially with the continuation of a major road connecting Sanaa with other cities.

GCHRJ elaborated that three out of four of Yemen’s 27 million people of different ages and sexes need food assistance, of whom about 8 million face famine at a time when a new wave of cholera threatens a country that lacks an effective health sector after being destroyed by the war, making matters worse.

Following the cessation of the coalition and government forces campaign of President (Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi) to control Hodeidah, which lasted from 13 June to 1 July last, the coalition officials announced the resumption of the military process to control the city and strategic harbor after cutting a main road connecting Hodeidah with Sana’a and other cities.

The Council warned that any disruption in the supply of food and fuel passing through the port and Hodeidah to the rest of the provinces could cause an unprecedented famine which requires an urgent international intervention.

The International Human Rights Council called on the UN General Assembly to take serious and effective measures to stop the war in Yemen and pressure the parties involved, especially the Saudi-UAE coalition and Houthis, to protect civilians from the scourge of war and stop the war crimes.

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