GCHRJ Cals On Revealing Fate of Thousands Missed in Syria


Geneva Council for Human Rights and Justice (GCHRJ) called on the Syrian regime to reveal the fate of thousands of people who are missing forcibly in Syria.

GCHRJ stated in a press release that the Syrian regime had indicted itself due to the existence of enforced disappearances by admitting the deaths of 836 disappeared, while human rights statistics documented more than 80,000 enforced disappearances and 14,000 deaths due to torture by the regime.

The Council elaborated that tens of thousands of Syrians have been subjected to systematic arrests. The authorities reject that they carried out the arrest. It is difficult for parents to know the place where their sons are held, and most cases of detention are more than 85%.

 It stated that last May, the regime began to reveal the fate of a large number of those who had been forcibly disappeared by manipulating their database in the Civil Registry and registering them as dead.

GCHRJ monitoring process showed that 77% of the cases recently revealed by the Syrian regime are recorded in the database of the disappeared in the human rights records.

As the council mentioned, the Syrian regime did not elaborate the cause of death of these cases, and did not hand over the bodies to their families. The death was not announced at the time of the incident, and the Syrian government has previously denied the existence of enforced disappearances in its detention centers, which is a violation of human rights and the right to live.

GCHRJ urged United Nations organizations and international human rights organizations to take their responsibilities in revealing the fate of thousands of Syrians who have been forcibly disappeared in the Syrian detention centers and to end the violation of their rights.

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