GCHRJ  Calls For Accountability Of UAE Officials For Rape In Yemen


GENEVA – Geneva Council for Human Rights and Justice (GCHRJ) calls on Tuesday for international accountability and prosecution of officials in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on due to rape issues during the war in Yemen

GCHRJ stated in a press release that the report of the UN experts on the conflict in Yemen led to an international condemnation of the UAE crimes, which requires prosecution, especially in terms of rape.

The UN report highlighted widespread arbitrary detention in Yemen besides ill-treatment and torture in a number of detention centres.

According to the report, in most cases detainees have not been informed of the reasons for their arrest, nor they have been charged. They have been denied access to lawyers or judges and have been isolated for long time, some of whom are still missing.

A number of victims and witnesses described to the Panel of Experts a widespread and persistent aggressive behaviour of the security forces and individuals from UAE, which included sexual violence. This has been the rape of women and men and sexual violence against displaced persons and vulnerable groups.

GCHRJ stressed that the testimonies of the UN report requires international action to hold the UAE officials accountable and prosecute those involved in rape crimes.

The Council urged the United Nations and relevant international bodies to take immediate action to get back the rights of civilians and victims who have been subjected to the horrific rape crimes  of UAE militias in the Yemeni war.


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