Geneva Council For Human Rights And Justice Condemns Detention Of Palestinian Journalist


Geneva Council For Human Rights And Justice has condemned the detention of 30-year-old journalist Iyad al-Rifai on Saturday evening (July 28th).

Geneva Council For Human Rights And Justice said in a press statement that the detention of journalist Rifai is a flagrant violation of freedom of expression, especially because his arrest was due to his press and rights activities demanding the lifting of sanctions on the Gaza Strip.

The council  has warned that the detention of  Al-Rifai’s and his unknown fate was a flagrant violation of his personal right, especially that he had been subjected to a campaign of incitement at social media in the past few days and threats to kill him with his family.

It has also called on the Palestinian Authority to stop summoning and arresting journalists and activists. The foundation  documented the arrest of the activist Ibrahim Masri on July 19 from the city of Nablus, in addition to the journalist Huthaifah Abu Jamous from the town of Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem, who was arrested on 23 July.

In addition, the Council stresses that the policy of summonses by the security services is illegal, where the defendants are forced to sign papers promising not to “incite” again.

Concluding the press release, Geneva Council For Human Rights And Justice said that the ongoing crackdowns of the Palestinian activists and journalists by PA raises serious questions about its seriousness in respect of human rights and the local and international agreements that it has recently signed at various ceremonies.

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