Geneva Council For Human Rights And Justice Warns: Escalating Fighting In “Hadeda” , Yemen, Is Dangerous


GENEVA – Geneva Council For Human Rights and Justice warned of the dangers of escalating fight in the Yemeni province of Hadedah between the Houthi group and the Yemeni government forces backed by the Arab coalition, and the serious repercussions it has on civilians.
“The danger of famine is slowly reaching millions of Yemenis as the clashes near Hadida port get closer, cutting off the lifeline of 600,000 Yemenis, half of them are children, whose life depends on the humanitarian aids coming through this harbor.”, said the Geneva Council For Human Rights And Justice in a press statement.
The Council expressed its deep concern about the difficulties facing UN envoy Martin Griffith to protect the city and the port from destruction, amid fears that escalating fighting could lead to the closure of the port of Hadida which could stop the crossing of Humanitarian aids. Millions of people may face the danger of starvation.
The Council noted that around 70% of the food supplies in Yemen enters through the port of Hadeda, as well as that the major part of humanitarian aids and fuel pass through it. About two-thirds of the country’s 27 million people are dependent on these aids and 8.4 million people already at risk of a famine.
The Arab-led coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE closed most of the ports in Yemen, allowing the crossing of supplies to “Hadeda” port only in coordination with the United Nations.
The Geneva Council For Human Rights and Justice called for maintaining a free flow of food, fuel, humanitarian and commercial aids to people in dire need in Yemen.

It also called for the need to protect civilians and ensure that their lives are not affected as well as the commitment of all warring parties by the international humanitarian law and the laws of war by taking urgent steps to provide safe passage and adequate support for civilians fleeing hostilities.

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