Geneva Council For Human Rights and Justice; European Immigration Agreement Very important  


GENEVA – Geneva Council For Human Rights and Justice stressed the need to implement the EU migration agreement and to develop  a new policy that takes into consideration the urgent humanitarian needs of refugees.

Geneva Council, an international human rights organization, stressed in a statement that all EU countries must respect refugee rights and give priority to humanitarian considerations on national considerations in dealing with immigration issue

The Council showed the importance of the EU leaders’ agreement reached after talks in Brussels, at a time when discrimination against asylum seekers and immigrants in Europe and xenophobia has been increasing for several years.

It pointed out that the figures of violence incidents against refugees and immigrants in Europe warn that the situation is escalating annually and that these policies have become systematic and supported by the country or political parties. This weaken the ability of refugees and immigrants to integrate effectively in societies that treat them as A danger.

The Council urged EU to silence the provocative calls for hatred and discrimination against refugees and immigrants and to take a firm stand against xenophobia and the violation of refugees rights resulting from extreme right-wing positions in Europe.

It also drew the attention to the danger of increasing of populism and right-wing extremism in Europe, as well as the winning of parties calling for the expulsion of immigrants and refugees in the elections. In addition, it also warned of the escalation of terrorist attacks in Europe, the incitement in the various media and social media, which has little oversight.

The Geneva Council for Human Rights and Justice called for bigger efforts to ensure the protection of the rights of refugees and immigrants, as set in the Dublin Special European Convention and the New York Declaration on Refugees and Immigrants.

It also called on European countries to deal with refugees and asylum seekers under the rules of international law and human rights to ensure that refugees do not fall victim to arbitrary detention and ensure that they are treated equally before the law.

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