The Francophone Paris Institute For Freedoms Denounce UAE- KSA Complicity Arresting Human Rights Activist


الناشطة السعودية لجين الهذلول

PARIS – The Francophone Paris Institute for Freedoms censured the UAE’s complicity with Saudi Arabia in the arbitrary and illegal detention of a Saudi human rights activist while she was in the UAE.

The Institute of Paris, an international human rights organization, expressed its condemnation at the arrest of the UAE activist Saudi Lujain al-Hathlul and hand her over to Riyadh in a bilateral coordination in the suppression of activists seeking change and public freedoms.

Lujain was taken away from her car and brought home by a plane after spending several days in prison before being released. She was prevented from using social networks or leaving Saudi Arabia.

The Paris Institute repeated its condemnation of the Saudi authorities’ persecution of activists to suppress any opposing voices and to prevent public freedoms in a clear violation of international conventions and resolutions of the right of freedoms and expressions.

The Institute pointed to the stark contrast between what the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman stated regarding the reforms and openness program and the repression of freedoms in the Kingdom, stressing that the continuing oppression of activists in this picture is going back to the outdated ages and cannot be met with international silence.

The Francophone  Paris Institute of  Freedoms urged the French and all  European governments to exert immediate pressure on the Saudi government to release the detained activists right away and stop their violations and suppressive practices against public freedoms.

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