Psychological support mechanisms for children in school


Psychological support is an essential part of caring for children both at home and at school. We focus here on the war environment and the importance of psychosocial support. The child is in dire need of psychological support not only from the parents but also from the teachers and the school administration as the second partner in care.

Children in war and conflict environments who have been directly abused by bombing their homes, destroying them, arresting or killing their loved ones. Or indirectly by watching television violations through television, often have a high tendency for violence, general mood change, loss of appetite, feeling of instability, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, sadness, fear, lack of initiative and hesitation, brain fragmentation and poor memory and memory, Related to the study and the school.

They also show feelings of anxiety, fear and the problem of involuntary urination, and some complain of physical illness, and are in dire need of those who deal with the concepts of psychological support, and take into account the privacy of the environment of war

Psychological support mechanisms for children in school

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