Psychosocial support and well-being


Conflict and natural disasters greatly affect the well-being of children and their psychological and social development. Vulnerability to violence, disasters, loss of family or separation from family and friends, deteriorating living conditions, inability to provide financial support for self and family, and lack of access to services have long-term and immediate consequences for children, families and communities and their ability to work and satisfy.

UNICEF and its partners provide psychosocial support to children during emergencies to help them overcome such difficult experiences. These efforts include appropriate cultural activities for age groups, safe and stimulating activities such as sports and games for life skills development, coping mechanisms and support for resilience.

UNICEF is strengthening the capacity of community members to support their children, families and neighbors by disseminating important messages on how to adapt to emergencies through a variety of channels, including the media, faith-based organizations, existing community structures and youth groups. UNICEF uses child-friendly spaces to organize activities in a safe and stimulating environment through which communities and affected children can be supported.

UNICEF also provides specialized referral services for children with behavioral problems or who may need additional support, so that appropriate care networks can be shared.

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